Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY
Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY
Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY
Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY

Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY

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Evaluation Ride

Scheduled upon request

Are you looking to determine which MRC Rider Level you fall under with an instructors guidance? Are you looking to join us for your first hunter pace or foxhunt? An evaluation is a great way to get started! We offer Evaluation Rides Tuesday- Friday at various times. If you are a Level 3+ rider and only able to join on weekends, consider joining our Saturday Bootcamp to get evaluated for open space rides.

In order to ensure you are properly prepared for rides and so we can match you with the right group of riders evaluations are a great idea. You will ride an experienced horse and get tips from a trainer on what to expect on MRC rides. You will walk, trot and canter in open space and possibly test out a few jumps depending on your current ability. The instructor will ride alongside you and this is a great time to ask any questions. 

This ride will last around 1 hour. You must schedule your ride within one month of your purchase. 

*Please do not bring your pets to the farm.

Grooming & Tacking: Riders should arrive around 30 minutes early to help groom and tack their horses. Someone will be on site to direct riders to tack and provide instructions.

Recommendations: Casual riding attire including breeches, boots and helmet. Helmets are available for loan, however we recommend you have one of your own if you plan to ride regularly. 

Experience: Evaluations available for all levels Tuesday-Friday
Click here for a description of levels

Location: Pawling, NY

Train Options: 
Daily trains available from Grand Central to Pawling Station

Click here to view MNR schedules

*3 mile drive from train to farm, Pawling Taxi- (845) 855-8585