Hollypark Irish Sport Horses

For the past 3 years MRC has been making trips to Ireland and building our partnership with Hollypark and their wonderful Irish Sport Horses. We are excited to share their top quality operation and horses with our riders in the US and on our trips to Ireland!



The breeding operation at Hollypark aims to produce quality Draught and Sport horses for jumping, eventing and hunting. Amongst some of their stallions are registered Irish Draught Stallion Drishane Diamond, who's back breeding includes the famous Clover hill and Diamond Lad, the foundation of many of the best sport horses in Ireland. All the stallions have a fantastic temperament and are producing some very promising young horses.


The Burren

The young horses grow up across 800 acres of the Burren, an incredible geological landscape, with rocky limestone terrain. Here they learn to be sure-footed and self-preserving as they make their way around the mountains, sheltering in valleys and under cliffs during the winter, grazing the natural forage full of minerals.

Horses from the Burren are well practiced to cross country with ease out hunting, as they are always watching the ground and where they are going, having been educated by making their own way up and down the mountains unaided over the first few formative years of their lives. The Burren is renowned as one of the most beautiful places in Ireland to visit. With little interference over millions of years, it is a remarkable place for these horses to run as a herd and they all thrive here.

Sale Horses

About Clyde

Age: 2019
Height: 16.2hh
Bio: Hollypark Clyde is an Irish Draught but we like to call him a Irish Labrador! This horse is quiet, kind and an all around gentleman.

Clyde is currently coming 5 and has hunted one full season with the Galway Blazers, he is happy in any field position or riding up with hounds. A lovely horse to hack out, jump a course, take to the beach or enjoy with the family.

Location: Currently vetted and in Galway, Ireland waiting to be sent over, we will make all arrangements.
Personality: QUIET, a lovely, safe, all around horse.

Mist- sold

Age: 2017, 6 years
Height: 16.2hh
Bio: Hollypark Mist is a talented young prospect, just arrived in New Jersey! A careful jumper, he hunted 1 season with the Galway Blazers in Galway, Ireland. This gelding also competed in the Irish Draught competitions up to 1 meter, he has a striking appearance and is easy to manage, a fancy show horse in the making!

Mist is the perfect all around horse. He is currently in a full training program with Morghan Lake covering foundational training, lateral work, supplying and engaging his hind end. This training creates an extremely rideable, happy and relaxed horse. Mist is very kind, athletic, intelligent and a fast learner. He will no doubt make a wonderful show partner with versatility as a hacking horse or fox hunter.

Arrival to US: April 7, 2023
Personality: Mist is an easy keeper and will quickly become your best friend. Get's along well with other horses, enjoys human contact and happy to go for a ride. He's careful with his feet, alert to his surroundings and takes good care of his rider.

Hollypark horses at the beach