Want to Get Back in the Saddle? 5 things to know!

Has it been months or years since you last were in the saddle but you have some fears holding you back? Whether you're worried about not being as strong as you once were, hurting yourself or just not ready to commit to a training program in this uncertain world, we are here for you!

MRC wants to offer you a community, space and experience to help you Get Back in the Saddle if the fantasy of riding again is strong enough to overpower your concerns! 

1) Don’t get frustrated when you aren’t as good as you remember 

Muscles and skills fade when you don’t practice. But relearning is quicker than you might expect. MRC offers a community of equestrians who understand the nuisances of getting back in the swing of it. Be easy on yourself and the rest will come into play.

2) Spend some quality time AROUND horses before you get on one

The groundwork of grooming and handling the horse around the stables is foundational to feeling comfortable and half the fun. MRC’s Back In The Saddle dedicates the first part of the lesson to Horsemanship/groundwork before you get on.

3) Don’t bite off more you can chew

You want the freedom in a riding program to allow your riding courage to naturally grow. MRC offers riders single or package lessons to give you the flexibility. Back In The Saddle Clinics are a constant running riding program so you can decide when and how you want to get back into riding.

4) Go for a trail ride 

If you aren’t sure you want proper lessons yet, try out a trail ride to see how comfortable you are in the saddle again. MRC offers some beginner riding experiences (Clydesdale Ride & The Bedford Hack) for you to try first. 

5) Get some horse friends

MRC is NYC based (but not limited to) equestrian community. Our riders, our partners and supporters are part of the collective experience you get when riding with us. We love getting to know other, new and advanced riders and coming together in the love of horses!

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