Manhattan Riding Club and General Horseback Riding FAQ's

Hey riders!

We have jumped right into summer, literally! With 2-3 rides selling out per week and lots of new riders we realize there are some frequently asked questions and we are going to attempt to answer a few of them here. As always if you can't find the answers to your questions PLEASE send us an email at or DM us on IG or Facebook. Here we go:

1. Do I need to have my own horse to ride with Manhattan Riding Club?

-Nope! One of the main reasons our founder created this club was so non horse owning equestrians could participate in activities you would typically think you need a horse for, like hunting and hunter paces! All of our ride costs include a horse for you, that is paired according to your riding experience and comfort level. 

2. Do I have to be a jumper to go on the rides?

-Not always, our Bedford rides for example are a great hack (open space ride) for non jumpers and jumpers alike. Due to the openness of the trails all the jumps have really easy go-around's right alongside the jump and we can simply split into two groups as we approach. For hunter paces all jumps are also avoidable, however not always so easy, sometimes it requires taking another route from the group which could take a couple minutes before you rejoin, however trails are marked so it's fairly easy to do. If you want to participate in a hunter pace and are concerned about jumping we recommend reaching out to us so we can suggest the right pace and help answer any other questions. 

3. What is a hunter pace?

-Hunter paces are cross country rides with optional jumps that follow a specific marked course. You are put into teams of 3-4 riders and released into the course 5 or so minutes apart so that to stay separate from other groups. There is an ideal time determined before hand as to how long it should take to complete the course, this time is not given to riders, as the challenge is for you to complete the course in a time frame that you feel is not too fast or too slow. It's a bit of friendly competition, every team has a number and is timed and after everyone completes the rides, the times are released and teams closest to the time are often awarded ribbons or some prize. Hunter paces are usually hosted by fox hunting clubs, stables and trail associations who want to open their trails to the public and also raise some money. Typically a hunter pace will also include a nice buffet style lunch under a tent for everyone as they finish the ride. Aside from the fee we charge for your horse, the pace itself also has a fee which ranges from $50-$100, we try to include this in our price and handle all the payments together to make this an easy and seamless process for you and the booking page will identify whether it is included or not. These are super fun rides as anywhere from 50-100+ riders and horses can turn out and who doesn't love to see a field full of trailers, horses and other equestrians for a bit of fun?!

4. Riding equipment, what's needed?

For the horse:

-All of our rides will come with a horse and full tack, sometimes they are tacked for you and sometimes you will be required to tack them yourself, however the tack will still be provided. If you have your own saddle or other horse equipment and want to bring it, please let us know in advance. You are welcome to bring your own riding crop however it will be completely up to the horse owner as to if you are able to use it on their horse. 

For the rider:

-A proper riding uniform includes breeches, boots and a helmet. If you do not have a helmet please make sure to let us know in advance and we will see if there is one available for you, however we do recommend if you plan to ride regularly to purchase your own. Breeches are proper riding pants however if you have legging or something similar that you prefer to wear that is fine for most rides as well. To purchase new gear we have a partnership with Manhattan Saddlery and you can receive a discount there by mentioning Manhattan Riding Club. 

-Other items we recommend are gloves, half chaps if you wear paddock boots, always a water bottle to keep in the car or near the arena if it's a lesson style ride, sunscreen, layers if it's winter and lightweight breathable breeches and top if it's summer. Sometimes for hunter paces we will try to coordinate outfits so we look like an official team and also fox hunting requires a specific uniform: Hunt coat, beige breeches, stock tie, full black boots or paddocks with half chaps. 


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