Learn to Ride Program

If you’ve ever daydreamed of learning to ride but never really knew where to start, MRC is here to get you started! Whether you just want to learn the basics for trail riding or want to become an trained equestrian, our training program will have you comfortable working around horses and excel your riding skills.

Learning to Ride with MRC, new riders are offered an additional layer of experience unique to any other riding experiences.

    We have set up a 4-part learning clinic covering the following:

    1. Horsemanship - Before you even step into the saddle, you will have a level of comfort working with the horse before and after riding. Learning how to handle the horse, grooming and tacking are foundational steps to growing in this sport, regardless of your goals.
    2. Riding In The Arena- Certified therapeutic trainers offer our riders an additional level of care and coaching to set you up for success - building confidence in the saddle and educating you through the lesson.
    3. Therapeutic Riding Lead - Confidence and knowledge of working with horses from the ground is essential to your growth as a rider. Also seeing how horses are used for therapy is a rewarding and heartwarming experience to deepen your connection with the animals. Along the side of the trainer who is PATH certified you will lead a horse while they work with a rider who has disabilities.  The NYTimes and Chronicles of The Horse have covered the amazing work Gallop does for further reading.
    4. Mentorship - Throughout the program, we have our MRC community of advanced riders come to join us to help and connect with new riders! Mentorship with a network of equestrians offers an elevated sense of support and shared enjoyment with the horses.

    Lessons are offered every Wednesday. To see results, it is wise to sign up for at least 3-6 lessons to maximize this experience. Space is limited so please don’t hesitate to sign up if you’re ready to get in the saddle! Reach out to us if you have questions, we are happy to help!




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