Single Session Bootcamp
Single Session Bootcamp
Single Session Bootcamp

Single Session Bootcamp

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 Winter Riding Bootcamp

Intermediate Level

This 1.5 hour bootcamp style training is designed for strong intermediate riders with a will to grow and become better all around equestrians in dressage, show jumping and cross country. Sessions will focus on foundation, fitness and strength to prepare riders for our next season of hunter paces and upcoming events including shows, tests, clinics and more!

Trainer Chelsea Nix, places an emphasis on safety and pushing comfort zones in order to grow riders and meet their individual goals. She is trainer to competitive eventers and their horses and is a passionate creative teacher who is known for using a variety of techniques to get the most out of her horses and riders. She approaches her students as individuals, adjusting her technique to match individual learning styles.

The grounds have a large indoor ring, outdoor ring, cross country field, water jump, banks, ditches and plenty of hacking terrain. Show jumps are ample and have plenty of fillers and variety to provide a complete training experience.

Experience: Strong foundational training, low jumping, ready to advance and push limits to next level of riding. Ability to tack and groom. 

Recommendation: Casual riding attire. For riders who want build fitness for open space riding and cross country jumping. For riders who want to learn the skill and technique of show jumping and dressage. 

Location: Newton, NJ 

Just over an hour from the Lincoln Tunnel or George Washington Bridge