June 3-5- 3 Day Polo Camp at Kirby Hill
June 3-5- 3 Day Polo Camp at Kirby Hill
June 3-5- 3 Day Polo Camp at Kirby Hill
June 3-5- 3 Day Polo Camp at Kirby Hill

June 3-5- 3 Day Polo Camp at Kirby Hill

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3 Day Polo Camp

June 3-5

Level 3+

    Are you ready to take your polo skills to the next level? Join us for our adult intensive, yet laid back polo camp at Kirby Hill Farm! Book an Airbnb or hotel for the weekend and enjoy a few days in Dutchess County. Learn more about the horses, the gear, the rules and the game. Finish feeling like a stronger and more skilled player.


    Friday (4pm start)

    Starting Friday evening 4pm with a farm tour of the stunning Kirby Hill Farm. Get to know where you will be spending the next 2 days. To start the weekend off we will learn about polo tack and do some work on the wooden horse. We will film your swing so you can see your improvement from start to finish. This is also a great time to share your goals for the weekend so the trainers can help you meet them.

    We will then get on our horses 1 hour of arena work. Get used to using your body and being light, quick and effective with your reins. Use circles to understand lead changes and use the arena like you would a polo field. 

    Saturday (8am start)

    8am- Feeding
    Join us on the 4x4 Kubota as we drive down to the field and lure all our 4-legged friends up to the barn with grain. It’s always so special to see how they follow us up and sort themselves into their stalls for the busy day ahead. While they eat, we have a bite, some coffee and set goals for the day ahead

    9:30am- Tacking
    Practice the tacking skills you learned from the day before.

    10am: The Exercise Track
    To keep our polo ponies fit we don’t always play the game, we condition. This session is all about stamina and endurance. Trot, canter and gallop the track practicing your own balance and comfort with speed. Feel the rhythm to post the canter, and practice manoeuvring without your mallet.

    This session will last about 45 minutes. We will trade out horses and tack up for some arena polo practice. Learn about polo tack, polo wraps and getting your horse ready for the game.

    11am- The Arena
    This session is focused on stops, turns, lead changes and quick responses. Again without the element of a mallet, practice gaining canter speed down the arena and collecting on the short ends. Improve your seat as we practice speeto-stop and quick communication with your horse direction. Get used to using your body and being light, quick and effective with your reins. Use circles to understand lead changes and use the arena like you would a polo field.

    This session will last around an hour and we will break for lunch while overlooking the field. The best athletes reflect on their learning, set new goals, and work with coaches to bring together new skills onto the field.

    12pm-3pm: Enjoy a break to have lunch and a little rest before we hit the field!

    3pm- The Field
    Now it’s time to grab your mallet and hit some balls! Combine your skills from earlier in the day into effective position for hitting. Work on your swing and technique. Timing for approach, swing and contact.

    4pm- Beer Hack
    We finish the day with a hack around Kirby Hill and a beer at the top as we overlook the stunning views and chat about POLO!

    Sunday (8am start)

    8am- Feeding

    9:30am- Tacking
    See if you have it down by day 3!

    10am- Back on the Track
    Same exercise as yesterday but if you are ready you might be ponying a horse today! If not, you will have plenty to practice with just one horse at at time. Practice makes progress!

    11:30pm- Back to The Arena
    See how you improved from yesterday’s drills. Work on more advanced balance exercises for horse and rider. Learn gentle and effective signalling for lead changes to help you stay 1 step ahead of the competition.

    3pm- The Field
    Today we work on ball control, and training our mind to ride fast, but swing slow. With drills that train both speed and control, we will build our skills through stick and ball drills. We will also work on defensive plays that get you into the game!

    4pm- Mini Chukkers

    The winning team will leave with a special prize!

    That’s a wrap! You should be leaving this weekend feeling energized to continue your polo journey and know what it takes to get into the game.

    Experience: Must have basic riding foundation, posting at the trot and confident cantering. Ability to control your balance and horse with all rains in one hand and a mallet in the other.

    Recommended Polo Riding Attire: Riding gloves or other grippy gloves, as this helps with holding the mallet. Comfortable riding pants or jeans (white pants not required). Tall boots or short boots with chaps to help with grip and protection in the game. Helmet.

    What to expect in a polo lesson:
    Lots of new riding and playing vocabulary! Check out a polo lingo guide here
    Learn how to rotate and hit a ball while in the saddle - video
    Learn about using your legs to balance in the swing - video

    Fun Facts about Polo:
    Polo dates back to 600BC in China and Persia
    Polo was used for training for war and was popular along the Silk Road
    Polo was first brought to the USA in 1876, with the club established in NY!
    Polo is considered a "mixed" sport, and men and women can compete on the same polo team.
    Players are assigned a "handicap" based on their level of play, from -2 to 10 goals. A polo handicap is considered your "passport to the world."
    Over 40% of the US Polo Association Members are women.

    See the Farm!
    Check out a past clinic and welcome from our favorite polo gal Ellie. 

    Location: Pawling, NY