Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY
Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY
Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY
Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY
Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY

Scheduled upon request Pawling, NY

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Outdoor Polo Private Lessons & Package

Intermediate Level 
Can be applied towards:
  • Group or private lessons on Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Package of 10 for $1750 (good for group or private lessons) *must use within 6 months
Polo is an exciting team sport that combines athleticism, adrenaline, and camaraderie into a thrilling game on horseback. Polo, known as the "Sport of Kings" (and queens!), is one of the oldest team sports in the world and is played globally. Come find out what it feels like to swing a mallet, hit a polo ball and ride a trained polo pony!

We will start on the ground to learn the basics of holding a mallet, hitting the ball, rules of the game and playing safely before we start riding. We will then begin our riding lesson by getting to know our horses and learning some tips for polo-style riding. Polo is a little like playing golf in an earthquake, but in our lesson, we will learn how to put all of the riding and swinging together to hit the ball through the goal! The lesson will finish with some short chukkas and a cool down walk around the property.

Come enjoy this unique opportunity to learn the exciting game of polo in a safe, fun and relaxed environment. 

Experience: Must have basic riding foundation, posting at the trot and confident cantering. Ability to control your balance and horse with all rains in one hand and a mallet in the other.

Recommended Polo Riding Attire: Riding gloves or other grippy gloves, as this helps with holding the mallet. Comfortable riding pants or jeans (white pants not required). Tall boots or short boots with chaps to help with grip and protection in the game. Helmet.

What to expect in a polo lesson:
Lots of new riding and playing vocabulary! Check out a polo lingo guide here
Learn how to rotate and hit a ball while in the saddle - video
Learn about using your legs to balance in the swing - video

Fun Facts about Polo:
Polo dates back to 600BC in China and Persia
Polo was used for training for war and was popular along the Silk Road
Polo was first brought to the USA in 1876, with the club established in NY!
Polo is considered a "mixed" sport, and men and women can compete on the same polo team.
Players are assigned a "handicap" based on their level of play, from -2 to 10 goals. A polo handicap is considered your "passport to the world."
Over 40% of the US Polo Association Members are women.

See the Farm!
Check out a past clinic and welcome from our favorite polo gal Ellie.