Saturday May 6 at 10am Stamford, CT
Saturday May 6 at 10am Stamford, CT
Saturday May 6 at 10am Stamford, CT
Saturday May 6 at 10am Stamford, CT
Saturday May 6 at 10am Stamford, CT

Saturday May 6 at 10am Stamford, CT

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 Greenwich Dogwood Ride

Enjoy a ride out of the arena and in the beauty of nature just 37 miles from NYC! This is a great ride for lower Level 3 riders who are working towards building confidence in open space. Riders will follow a marked course in groups at their own pace.  

10:00AM Riders arrive and check in
10:15AM Horses start to arrive, look for the Galloping Guru trailers and gather around where they park
10:20AM Riders listen as their horses are called to catch them coming off the trailer
10:45AM All riders mounted and ready to begin the course
12:30PM Riders should all be finishing and walking horses to cool them down before following instructions to help load them back into the trailers
1:30PM Loading should be complete and riders can join for tailgate or any post ride activities!

*Timing is subject to change and will be communicated


  • Your horse 
  • A group to ride with
  • Your entry fee and registration handled by MRC

The horses are trailered from our training facility in Pawling. There are a variety of breeds with different personalities, trained for open space riding, foxhunting, hunter paces and used in our lessons. From spirited thoroughbreds to quieter draft breeds. 

Greenwich Riding and Trails Association or GRTA  was founded at the turn of the 20th century when a group of Greenwich land owners and riders began to work together and preserve some of the original trails in the area, trails that had been created by the local Native Americans and then by the early settlers, while also building some new trails. 

The goal of the GRTA was to instill in riders, landowners and the community, respect for the long tradition of horses and trails in Greenwich. This historic trail system holds together the mosaic of green space throughout Greenwich. These trails are interwoven across private properties, town roads, open spaces and public parks. This organization has been responsible for the upkeep and preservation of these trails in times past and will continue doing so for future generations.

The GRTA continues to preserve, protect and promote open space, historic trails and the tradition of horseback riding for the community and future generations. The Nichols Nature Preserve is a 94-acre property with meadows, forests, ponds and swamps.

Level 3. Click here for level descriptions. 

This is a great ride for lower Level 3 riders who are not quite ready or don’t have the experience for hunter paces. 

2023 MRC Team Uniform- MRC Sun Shirt, tan or black breeches, clean boots, proper riding helmet, safety vest recommended.

Stamford, CT
By Car: 37 miles northeast of Midtown.
By Train: MTA  New Haven line to Stamford.
Carpooling: Check out the MRC Carpooling Group to connect with other riders, we will also connect riders who have booked in the week leading up to the ride.