Sunday March 10 at 10am Hyde Park, NY
Sunday March 10 at 10am Hyde Park, NY
Sunday March 10 at 10am Hyde Park, NY
Sunday March 10 at 10am Hyde Park, NY

Sunday March 10 at 10am Hyde Park, NY

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Foxhunting in Hudson Valley

Join us on a thrilling ride with hounds, hunt members, masters and the stunning countryside. Hunts can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours so you must be prepared for an unexpected day and ride! You can go from a complete standstill to a gallop across fields as the chase ensues. 

A commonly asked question is if we are actually hunting and the truth is it's more of a fox chase. Foxhunting began in the 15th century as a means to preserve farmland and crops and today still aims to preserve open space and to protect the open land we all so enjoy riding on and our horses and other animals need for grazing. Come along for yourself and see what it's all about. 

9:15AM Riders arrive 
9:30AM Horses coming off trailer and riders begin mounting
10:00AM All riders mounted and gathering around hunt staff and hounds, meet begins, staff share announcements for the day
*The hunt lasts 1.5-4 hours
Finish Post hunt breakfast


  • Your horse tacked and ready to ride
  • You daily capping fee
  • Hunt breakfast, similar to a potluck, please bring a dish or beverage to share

There are a variety of breeds with different personalities, trained for open space riding, foxhunting, hunter paces and used in our lessons. From spirited thoroughbreds to quieter draft breeds.

Foxhunting and equestrian sports are alive and well in Dutchess County. This stunningly beautiful county remains open to the very animals that helped build it. Foxhunting is a union of humans and creatures in the beauty of nature’s setting. Man is an observer mounted on a horse, the vehicle that allows him to follow and survey the hounds as they hunt the fox.

Level 3, 4 and 5. Click here for level descriptions. No previous hunt experience required.

Formal Hunt: Black hunt coat, white stock tie, canary or tattersall vest, tan breeches, black dress boots and black hunt cap.

Hyde Park, NY

By Car: 83 miles north of Midtown.

Carpooling: Check out the MRC Carpooling Group to connect with other riders, we will also connect riders who have booked in the week leading up to the ride.


  • Millbrook Vineyards & Winery