Sunday October 29 at 10am Hyde Park, NY
Sunday October 29 at 10am Hyde Park, NY
Sunday October 29 at 10am Hyde Park, NY
Sunday October 29 at 10am Hyde Park, NY
Sunday October 29 at 10am Hyde Park, NY

Sunday October 29 at 10am Hyde Park, NY

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Rombout Halloween Hunter Pace

This is your chance to experience the allure of the bridle trails in Dutchess County! Aside from the absolutely stunning countryside, this is a great pace for jumpers with dozens of obstacles available at various heights. The course includes woodland paths, open fields, streams and dirt roads, with natural jumps. Average height 2’ - 2’9”, all are avoidable, jumping is optional. Riders go out in teams of 2 or 3 on these marked trails. Once you book we will pair you with a team of similar ability. 

10:00AM Arrive and gather with other MRC teammates for check in
10:15AM Horses start to arrive, riders gather around where they park and catch them coming off the trailer to adjust tack and mount
10:45AM All riders mounted and ready to begin the 6-8 mile course
12:30PM Riders should all be finishing and walking horses to cool them down before following instructions to help load them back into the trailers
1:30PM Loading should be complete and riders can join for tailgate or any post ride activities!

*Timing is subject to change


  • Your horse 
  • A team to ride with
  • Your entry fee and registration handled by MRC
  • Lunch

The horses are trailered from our training facility in Pawling. There are a variety of breeds with different personalities, trained for open space riding, foxhunting, hunter paces and used in our lessons. From spirited thoroughbreds to quieter draft breeds. 

The Rombout Foxhounds strive to keep the tradition of fox hunting and equestrian sports alive and well in Dutchess County. Their stunningly beautiful county remains open to the very animals that helped build it. Foxhunting is a union of humans and creatures in the beauty of nature’s setting. Man is an observer mounted on a horse, the vehicle that allows him to follow and survey the hounds as they hunt the fox.

Level 3, 4 and 5 riders who are actively riding and have hunter pace experience. Click here for level descriptions. Required: 2023 Instructor approval through a Lesson or Evaluation Ride. 

Hunter Paces are best suited for independent riders who enjoy cross country riding and jumping. Riders must also be confident riding without a guide, this is important as you will be riding with 1-2 other MRC riders on a team and each rider is required to be independent and confident to handle any situations that may arise. Riders must also be able to adjust their tack, mount independently and have a high level of awareness for the 50+ other horses and riders that will be present. 

As teams are independent of a host on these rides, it is important that each rider knows when a horse is tired and needs a break, has sustained any injury or lost shoes and how to properly cool down after the ride. 

If you are a higher level rider and would like to ride a more challenging horse, be sure to identify this in your MRC Rider Profile.

Jumping is optional, heights range from 2 - 3 feet.

2023 MRC Team Uniform- MRC Sun Shirt and a tidy pair of breeches, clean boots, proper riding helmet, safety vest recommended. We will connect you to your team in advance so you can all coordinate your team uniform further if you want!

Hyde Park, NY

By Car: 83 miles north of Midtown.

Carpooling: Check out the MRC Carpooling Group to connect with other riders, we will also connect riders who have booked in the week leading up to the ride.


  • Millbrook Vineyards & Winery